Activating the Surface

Activating the Surface

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Course Desription

A very practical course with practical activities to explore vibrant and dynamic surfaces with reference to and inspiration from 20th century artists.

Initial exploration on paper using a variety of media and techniques to be developed and used on fabric.

Mary Sleigh

I am a textile artist, maker, tutor and author. Much of the joy in what I create is in the actual making process, allowing work to change through construction. Using mixed media is important to my way of working; combining fabric and stitch with other materials and sometimes found objects. Finding connections with places and people and the traces left by past generations are significant to my current work. I have been an avid collector since childhood and my collections map significant moments, capture the essence of a place and offer starting points for new work. Foraging, finding, sorting, remembering, ordering and recording become embedded in developing ideas for new work. 

Course length:2 sessions
1:Wed15 Jun 2022
2:Thu16 Jun 2022
Cost: £150

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