This has been a very busy and productive time for the charity, with so much going on behind the scenes in the UK. We are busy fundraising, applying for grants, planning courses and so much more. In Uganda the committee are busy doing research work, visiting projects and Fred has been asked to give lectures on 'what makes a successful charity' in Rwanda. This has been organised by the East African Community Organisation, comprising of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya.  The EAC aims at widening and deepening co-operation among the partner states and other regional economic communities. This week  Fred and his community will be hosting 25 delegates from Rwanda for a couple of days.

"Back from Rwanda and tired;.....
Oh, what an experience,...for a man of the plains to work in the hills of Rwanda for two days! With different persons, foods, organizations, and different everythings;
However, this  is a very optimistic projection for Hands up for Uganda;..
It's the same job as I am doing in Kisaabwa    i.e helping people to help themselves.
French imperialism brought so much difference in the cities as well as the Belgium influence...this can be seen in different set ups in Rwanda! So much ignorance and a bigger gap between capitals and villages like Nyakitara and Kamwezi where I was destined to lecture.
They have a lot to learn in agriculture, especially goat rearing and land management. Not so many pig farms because of cultural restraints and clean environment laws, as well as  fish farms, a lot of land despite the small portions of the land they have.
The farm in Rwanda is divided between four people specializing in different crops of which I brought a sample. A very high expectation of trading our products there, the more serious we shall become.
Land is quite limited really but they have resorted to land planning and can produce more than we can here with bigger chunks of land in comparison!  That is Rwanda and they will pay a visit here soon. The search continues.  So lets plan forward and get to our purposes."

So everything is positive and encouraging, especially as more onus is now being placed onto the sustainability of projects in Kisaabwa.

So what will be happening in the UK to fund our projects.

So first up here are a couple of fundraising courses that you may be interested in or know someone who might be interested in a place. These courses are both being delivered by Lesley Crawley and costs £50, all for the charity.
There may be a small cost for materials, but no more than £5.

29th April ~ Book Making using Coptic Stitch

23rd June ~ Cyanotype Printing

So please book your place by sending me an  EMAIL


A few weeks ago I was approach by Ben Surdeau, the son of a couple of students of mine, telling me he was planning to run the Manchester marathon for the charity, which takes place on
April 10th. 

Ben has set up a JUST GIVING page especially for people to support him on this race.  Maybe if some of you are watching the race in Manchester you could cheer him on for us.

We are so very grateful to Ben for doing this for us and hope he does not fall at the first hurdle as we hear he is apt to fall off his bicycle!!!!   Ben is on the right in the blue top.

Although we did not get any runners from the UK able to participate in the Ugandan Marathon this year, we do hope to get one or two runners from Uganda. I will let you know about this as soon as I hear, but what you need to know right now is that the Ugandan Marathon has been short-listed for the 'BEST INTERNATIONAL EVENT'.
This years date is 6th June 2016 and a wonderful safari to visit the gorillas is all part of the deal.
There you are Ben, something to aim for in 2017!!!
Here is their LINK

It was a lovely surprise to receive this following email a few weeks ago.

"The Dulwich Quilters for which we are both members are making a raffle quilt. Sue and I + one other are organising the making of the quilt.  We would like to raffle the quilt for Hands up for Uganda. Do you have a few leaflets that we could distribute at our meeting on the 5th of Feb.  In the past we have raffled for a local charity, but as we were both born in Africa feel we would like to support the wonderful work you are doing . We hope we can persuade the group!"

Well they did manage to get the support of the group and the quilt is currently being quilted. So if you would like a raffle ticket, keep reading these newsletters as I will be posting this news as soon as I hear.

Here is the quilt in progress of being made. Thank you so much much Caroline and Sue and the rest of the Dulwich Quilters


I mentioned that we were applying for grants for business training courses and we have already submitted two grant applications with a third almost ready, but it takes a while before we will hear. We have therefore decided to begin with some additional courses and will use our own funds and the generous donation from a supporter.
The first of these courses will be happening at the end of this month. These are the courses that we will be doing.
  1. Candles (does require a start up capital of about 250,000 UGX)
  2. Eco-fuel briquettes 
  3. Fuel saving stoves
  4. Sandals
  5. Rearing chickens
So its onwards and upwards.  Thanks for listening.

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