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I wonder how many of my readers think that I am just the  organiser for courses at Moor Hall.  Well I certainly spend a great deal of time doing just that, but believe me that is not all that I do.  Do you know for example about the TEXTILE STUDY GROUP   of which I am a member?  

The Textile Study Group has been going now since 1973. It was first established as a support group  for embroidery teachers, under the inspiration and guidance of Constance Howard who was the groups mentor. The group was originally known as the Practical Study Group (PSG) and was affiliated to the Embroiderers' Guild.  I have been a member of this group since 1996 and am the current chair, which I must say is a real privilege. We keep to a membership of 25 maximum, with 23 current members all experienced textile teachers and practitioners in their own fields.

See our Website for information on current members.

The Textile Study Group is a group of nationally and internationally recognised textile artists and tutors. We are well known for innovative and challenging approaches to art practice and contemporary teaching. 
The objectives of the group are to cultivate and advance the practice of stitch and textile art through a broad spectrum of education - workshops, courses, lectures, publications, exhibitions - and to deliver expertise and excellence in all areas of textile art across all levels and ages of students.
We meet as a group twice yearly to attend inspirational workshops which helps advance our own thinking and practice. These workshops are delivered by experienced tutors. 

Each year in July three of our tutors deliver challenging and thought provoking courses, which this year will be in the peaceful surrounding of The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanick, Alfreton, Derbyshire.  All three of these tutors will in fact be coming to Moor Hall, so do check out my website for further information. 

So first up is Alice Fox. For any of you that are either on a waiting list for Alice Fox whens she comes to teach at Moor Hall or was hoping to attend, maybe this might be an option for you as spaces are still available on this Textile Study Group summer school. 


Moving towards the 3rd Dimension

Spaces Available

Possibilities for developing 3-dimensional forms using paper will be explored through this workshop.  Taking a series of 3-dimensional objects as our starting point we will explore these forms through various drawing, mark making and construction processes, building up a collection of experimental samples. Scrunch, fold, wind, wrap, stitch, loop, mould, build, layer, twist...
A deeper understanding of the objects and structures you start with will be gained through the processes we use and as flat surfaces go through changes, resulting in sculptural forms. The steps we will go through and the samples we produce could be used to develop future work or might result in more resolved 3-D pieces during the workshop itself.
Alice's process-led practice is based on personal engagement with landscape. Working with natural fibres and gathered materials she employs natural dye techniques, print, stitch and weave in different combinations to create surfaces and structures. Alice is author of Natural Processes in Textile Art (Batsford, 2015).


See, Feel and Observe

Waiting List Only

Working from a collection of personal colour observations, you will dye an individual palette of colour using a variety of fabric surfaces. This resource will then be used to research and investigate colour through layering and simple stitching, hand or machine. The qualities of dyed transparent, translucent and opaque surfaces will be explored, disturbed and enhanced. Using various processes, we will create a rich collection of colourful nuggets, which could be a foundation for future work or enjoyed in their own right!
A course for those willing to explore and study the quality of dyed colour and stitched surfaces.
Ruth's work is engaged with the investigation of colour using painting, dyeing
and a variety of stitched techniques. Her working practice is centred around practical research, exploring different colour combinations and fabric surfaces, thus creating a rich
resource for her work. Ruth is author of 6 books and has taught workshops both nationally and internationally.


Contrasts in Cloth

Waiting List Only

With flowers and plants as our source of inspiration and by travelling through several processes, including hand and/or machine stitching, we will create designs on cloth, and then risk making radical changes to the cloth's surface and colour. As we handle and compare the intriguing contrasts which will result from this journey a wealth of ideas will be released, collected and assembled. Your explorations could come together to create a new complete piece or provide the basis for future work.
A course for those willing to take a few risks and to explore ideas expressed through fabric and thread.
Dorothy's interest in the structure, delicious detail and the colour of plants often features in her textile pieces. The way she constructs these pieces using layers of cloth and stitches to draw, add colour or create texture is informed by her research into Kantha, a form of embroidered quilt from Bangladesh.


Part of being a member of the Textile Study Group means undertaking a critical  5-year review with an appointed mentor who adds their unique expertise to the process. These reviews are considered very valuable by members, as it gives them an opportunity to reflect on both their practice   and teaching over the past five years as well as discuss possible future developments. Currently Jane McKeating is the reviewer, bringing her experience and highly regarded academic reputation to the group. There is no doubt that the in-depth preparation, one-to-one discussion and feedback marks an important stage of self-development and awareness that continues and sustains long after the review. In the past we have been lucky to have benefited from guidance from Constance Howard, Julia Caprara and Polly Binns.

Current Exhibition

Our current exhibition is running NOW at Gallery Oldham, until 24th February 2018.

For this project the group is exploring several areas around the theme of DIS/rupt, including global conflict, with the concomitant problems of migration and the refugee crisis; climate change and ecological disruption; conflict within domestic relationships; and disruption within traditional fabric making processes. Members have produced individual responses to their selected theme through the influence of stitched textiles, but not exclusively with fabric and thread.

Gwen Hedley
Jan Evans

Julie Saunders
Julia Triston
Some of the works are interactive such as in these two pieces above.

Further venues:

Minerva Arts Centre Gallery, Llanidloes
21st April - 28th May 2018

Tweedale Art Gallery, Peebles
9th June to 28th July 2018

See venue websites for opening times and details of launch events, artist talks and workshops.

A full colour PUBLICATION is also available from our

Catalogue cover ~ Dorothy Tucker

Thank-you for joining me today. 

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the TEXTILE STUDY GROUP. 
I will let you know of some other activities and groups that I am involved with in future emails as well as dropping you reminders about some of the exciting courses coming up soon.

Have a good week and will catch up with you very soon.

Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, 
Shropshire, SY7 8PH