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A spring or summer course could be an ideal gift for a partner, sister, friend or anyone you care for that loves being creative. I still have a few places left on the following courses so why not give it a thought.......or perhaps you could quite simply treat yourself.  Your could of course just leave this page open on your computer for your husband to see when he passes it by!!!

Do take a look at the four great courses below.
KAY GREENLEES: 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2019
Inspired by Lace
£195 for 3 days

Kay will be working from beautiful historical lace examples. You can either bring your own or Kay will have plenty with her. You will explore some of the key visual ideas associated with lace and use simple methods to record these as the starting point for small-scale workbooks. 

'That is already whetting my appetite!!! '

Kay will be getting you to explore marks and textures and you will be largely working in black and white but incorporating some colour to provide interest. This is a great way to be concentrating on key issues, as colour can sometimes get in the way!  Ideas will be developed in a variety of paper types and weights, inventing as you go, and Kay will allow plenty of room for personal interpretation, within a supportive structure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced worker there should be some challenges, a bit of fun, and plenty of scope for adapting the ideas for work with fabric and stitch. 

Whats more, into the bargain, you will go home with a small-scale themed sketchbook.

Kay is a highly experienced teacher, having taught adult education embroidery groups, MA and BA textile design students to PGCE trainees and school pupils. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is the author of Creating Sketchbooks. She currently works as a volunteer with the National Arts Education Archive exploring the textile aspects of the collections.

JEAN DRAPER: 10th, 11th and 12th May
In Detail: Inspiration for stitching from sources hardly noticed.
£195 for 3 days

For some many years now Jean has been the textile artist who has so inspired me, so you can imagine my delight in getting her to come to Moor Hall to teach.

She will be encouraging students to discover the very many wonderful inspirational design opportunities that exist around us, with the aim of studying, through this workshop, examples of small details from natural objects.  These investigations will lead to  the development of different personal ideas for work in stitched textiles. 

Jean will be offering structured experimental design exercises, whereby students will investigate the scope offered by changes of scale, tone, texture and colour. She will be providing plenty of demonstrations, and will encourage students to choose ways to develop their ideas both 2 and 3 dimensionally.  Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on making notes and sampling in fabric and thread in order for work to continue later if wished.

Jean is highly experience both as a textile artist and teacher and this is guaranteed to be an excellent course.

MATTHEW HARRIS: 31st May, 1st and 2nd June
Chain Reaction - one thing leads to another
£350 for 3 days

Matthew is another inspirational and amazing tutor who brings a uniqueness to his teaching. The project that he is offering this time is a new one for Moor Hall. 

He will will exploring the idea of  'continuity and change' through drawing, collage and stitch. He will be asking you to respond to a collection of personal objects by looking at ways which abstracted visual imagery might convey, explore and develop the idea of personal language, narrative and history through the interaction of making, materials and process.

He will bring to the course prepared lengths of material, but asks you to bring a collection of personal objects that have been collected by you. They can be anything that you have acquired, inherited or collected. They don't have to be exceptional objects, they can be ephemeral or throw away but they must be objects that excite you visually.

In a very short time Matthew will have you thinking and working in new and exciting ways.He is a ble to draw so much out of his students.

ALICE FOX: 31st Aug, 1st Sept
Collecting Colours
£130 for 2 days

This will be Alice's third visit to Moor Hall to deliver this time, a two-day course. Her courses are always well attended and students are very quickly buzzing with excitement.

She will have you  exploring techniques for capturing natural colours on cloth and paper, bringing colour, mark and hand stitch together. 

You will be using gathered materials and plant matter from the immediate surrounds of Moor Hall and its 5 acres to make our own inks and colours and experimental mark-making tools. 

In addition to this you will also be doing some eco-printing on paper and cloth and you wi ll bring these organic marks together with hand stitch in simple but unique hand made book structures.

Tha nks for looking in but do get in quick with your bookings to secure that ideal Christmas gift.
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Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, 
Shropshire, SY7 8PH