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The Textile Study Group, a UK-based teaching and exhibiting group are delighted to be able to offer a yearly bursary to anyone involved in the teaching of textiles and/or embroidery wishing to pursue a new skill, personal development or for a project which will have a direct effect on their students and/or teaching. We particularly would like to encourage teachers that are at the start of their career to apply. The bursary will be for £500 and the application process closes on 30th November 2018. If you are interested, an application form can be downloaded from our website:   

Do please consider have nothing to lose.

Are you, like me, just so fed-up with the continual cut backs of the creative subjects from our school curriculum.
All creative subjects, music, art, drama, textiles, deserve a serious place in our schools and not just be viewed as leisure activities. What  can we do about it? 

There are so many people speaking out about this major controversy in education and thought I would give you some recent links from the crafts council, which makes for some interesting reading.......but still I ask what can we do?

LINK 1  ~ Surgery students 'loosing dexterity to stitch patients'
LINK 2 ~ Art and creativity 'squeezed out of schools'
LINK 3 ~ The power of the arts and social activities to improve the nation's health.
LINK 4 ~ Big names call for arts education to be preserved.
Well I shall continue to play my part and deliver courses here at Moor Hall, all of which consider critical thinking, creativity and that manual dexterity that is now sadly lacking.

I have been running art classes for over ten years now here at Moor Hall. 

Moor Art 1 is my Wednesday group and meet alternative Wednesdays for three, six session blocks per year and Moor art 2 meet over a weekend monthly, for nine weekends during the year.

This is the work that we have been doing this term, but silly me forgot to take photos of the finished pieces, so these are images of the work in progress.

EXERCISE 1 ~ A tonal drawing of still-life but by putting some expressive marks into the drawing.

EXERCISE 2 ~ Paintings were then carried out from the tonal drawings, again considering more expressive paint marks.

EXERCISE 3 ~ Using coloured tissue paper cut into small pieces the students then worked a collage from the painting or from the drawing. It was interesting to see how new tones were created by the overlapping of the tissue papers.

EXERCISE 4 ~ The students then had the painstaking task of tracing off the tissue paper design and transferred this to card of firm paper.

Following on from this the students then did another painting in gouache, using a different colour for each of the shapes and referencing the collage piece of work. This produced a completely different type of painting. We finally did an abstracted version, but you will have to wait for a future newsletter to see these final results.

A most enjoyable project.........thanks to all my lovely Moor Art students from both groups. I look forward to working with you again next term.

Anyone interested in either of these groups do get in touch by emailing me at

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Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, 
Shropshire, SY7 8PH