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Moor Hall Farmhouse 
Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun
Shropshire, SY7 8PH 
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A huge thank you to all that made it to my open weekend. Much was stack against it being a success, but judging from the number of people that turned up here, especially on the Sunday, I would say it was very successful. Five pieces of students work were sold, which is a lovely boost for them and we even took £150 for Uganda, which was a lovely surprise for them.........but more of that in my next Ugandan newsletter. If you wish to subscribe to this newsletter just drop me an email. We did all miss Art Van Go, but my intention is too get them here in the summer, although I haven't told them that yet!!! Thank you for all that came to this event.

Meanwhile I have just completed the last of my teaching away workshops for this year. This one was at Littleheath Barn Studio, run by Liske Johnson. Many of you will remember her lovely mum Ineke Berlyn who was inspirational to so many students. It is so lovely to see Liske successfully following in her mums footsteps. To read more about Ineke click this LINK and to see the Littleheath Barn Studio workshops click this LINK

Thursday and Friday  
21st and 22nd November 2019

EXERCISE 1 ~ Expressive Drawing

A quick warm up exercise with charcoal, rubber and scratched marks. 

EXERCISE 2 ~ Colour Study

This started as a collaborative project with several A1  sheets of paper being taped together, but ended with students personalising one of the A1 sheet of paper with further colours of pastels. We then cut off 3 strips from one side of the drawing and superimposed these on top on the drawing. Some exciting new possibilities were arrived at and even smaller units showed some wonderful ideas for fabric and stitch work. 

This student managed somehow to complete some beautifully clean drawings despite being covered in charcoal and pastel!!!!!
EXERCISE 3 ~ Portraits

I just love these portraits drawings and think that they are magical once colour is added.The group worked so hard over the two days and these are just half of the drawing activities that we covered. We also found connections, by looking at the work of artists and this kind of research is always useful, even essential in understanding about how good design works. We also had loads of fun.

This is just half of the work that the students did, but I feel it is enough for one newsletter.
Hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I will be back with news of the remaining course places at Moor Hall, but why not nip over to my website and take a look.

Bye for now 
Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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