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I have just spent 4 fabulous days, 3 of which I was teaching in Jersey at the Harbour Gallery a wonderful place and space, where so much was happening.
Do have a look at their website HERE.

Each day was a different course, starting with 'Machine Stitched Flowers' a course which features in my book 'Stitched Textiles: Flowers, published by Search Press.

The second day I spent doing my Ben Nicholson Course which always produces some interesting results. We began by looking at his 'White Reliefs' which gave him great acclaim.
We made simple relief blocks from card and printed with these in different ways, before moving on to his more complex works with cups and mugs. By over printing, taking rubbings, and introducing a second colour students soon were running with ideas.

I loved the lively drawings that the students did from a small still life and in this final drawing (above right) the student began to combine the ideas from this workshop with the final one on day 3 on 'Line'.

With this final workshop we explored tone, line and texture through use of mixed media and employed graphite, pen, pencil, a rubber, masking tape, water with water soluble pens, and gesso and tissue paper to change the surface.

I would like to thank Pat Robson and all the students for taking part in these workshops and making them so enjoyable.
MOOR ART 1 and 2

Meanwhile my on-going art students have been beavering away on our new project on 'grids'. From  simple beginnings the students are now really beginning to expand their ideas and we are all hopeful for some fantastic outcomes. But lets first look at how the project started and where they have got to with the work. As usual, much artist research has helped to inform some of their thinking. 
We began by using squared paper to build up ideas, before moving on to making funky foam blocks and doing some printing.

Overprinting gave some wonderful effects, or simply using coloured felt pens as in the two square samples above.

In the last session we explored weaving two designs together to create grids. I am looking forward to what the students bring into the next session!!!!

If anyone is interested in joining one of these art groups please get in touch by sending me an EMAIL or by checking out my WEBSITE

Last time I spoke a little about the Textile Study Group and I will be reminding you a later newsletter about our forthcoming exhibition 'INSIGHTS' at Festival of Quilts 2020 where we will be launching our new book of the same name.

Meanwhile why not pop over to our blog where you will see an artist each week speaking a little about how they have developed their ideas and the work for both the book and this exhibition.

Visit our BLOG
Hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and hope to hear from you soon.

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