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Hello Everyone

You have now heard from Sarah Burgess, Jean Littlejohn, Ruth Kirkby, Ruth Issett, Amanda Clayton, Dorothy Tucker and Matthew Harris.........ALL wonderful tutors, who bring such excellent teaching to Moor Hall and all of whom have been sadly missed over the past few months.

This month I am bringing messages of creativity and hopefulness from Jan Beaney and David Tress and I thank them both most sincerely for their contributions to my newsletter. We hope to see both of these tutors back here in 2021.

Meanwhile do pop over to my Website where bookings are now open for rescheduled Autumn courses several which do have a few remaining places. You may wish to wait a few more weeks to see what the situation in the UK will be like before booking......I will understand!!!


Dear Bobby,
I'm so sorry not to be with you in June. It is such a lovely time of the year and staying with you is always a pleasure. I was looking forward to teaching the ' Layers and Holes'
Class and I have been collecting lots of reference picture of layered and textured surfaces and have some wonderful shots of rock formations some of which I showed earlier on Instagram (doubletroubklejanjeanofficial). I was planning to develop both hand and/or machined  layered lace surfaces.

I have self- isolated and except for a daily walk, I've had some time but not as much as I thought! Recently, I have been working on a theme  close to my heart. Steve and I along with Jean have visited the  Greek Island of Lefekas for the last few years. Besides spending hours in the sea, I'm fascinated by the wetlands that are a short walk away and have spent many hours drawing and trying to capture the atmosphere, colour and textures of this unique area. I'm wanting to celebrate a special place that will disappear if the tide rises just a little, due to global warming.

The two panels I'm working on have a  dark grey cotton ground and areas of the design have been discharged using de-colorant.  A layer of machined lace has been applied by using the embellishing machine, followed by another layer of hand stitches and another of machining - four or five layers in all!  I'm now at the stage of standing back, reviewing, tweaking, checking the tones and hoping eventually all will be integrated.........keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to say that they are finished in a few weeks. I will then spend several days looking at my sketches and making new designs concentrating on other aspects of this particular location. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram to see if they ever get completed!!!
Stay safe, keep looking, keep drawing and keep stitching.


Dear Bobby and Martin - how sad not to be visiting you both in July, and also missing the opportunity to see again the wonderful landscape around you and the Clun valley. When I turn off after Newtown on the journey to Moor Hall Farmhouse I always have a feeling of entering a world slightly apart from the usual, something secret and half forgotten by the busy world outside. I shall miss the group of enthusiastic students, the busy and jolly days - and, of course, the beautifully quiet early mornings before anyone else is up when, after getting myself a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea (and letting the dogs out), I can sit in the studio and run through the plans for the course that day, and prime sheets of paper and draw sketches of the finer points of demonstrations that I have planned for the day.

For myself I'm painting well, but exhibitions have, of course, taken a hit. Well, things are being re-scheduled so there is hope on the horizon for a more normal pattern of life to return again. I've also found I have more free time than normal, and I've been able to catch up on reading and research: I now realise that I've been telling students 'fibs' for years .... I've always said that it was W G Hoskins in 'The Making of the English Landscape' published in 1955 who used the word 'palimpsest' to describe the landscape .... no! It was OGS Crawford in 'Archaeology in the Field' of 1953 ..... but if we don't tell anyone, nobody will know!
All best wishes

MY BOOK ~ Stitched Flowers

I have recently heard from Search Press that my book is no longer available and will not be reprinted in the foreseeable future. I am so sorry about this especially when I was asked to do that recent promotion and do hope you are not too disappointed. It is possible that they will print on demand and are looking onto this option. This is the message that I had from them.

"The decision not to reprint a book is never taken lightly, and we aim always to keep a book in print for as long as it is selling. Your book has sold almost 8000 copies since it was published in 2013, which is a great achievement. Sadly, however, it's no longer selling in sufficient numbers to make the cost of reprinting worthwhile. Your book is still available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, and we will also be investigating the possibility of re-issuing your book in POD (print-on-demand) format. We will, of course, let you know how we progress with that."

Thank you for your understanding.....Bobby

My two on-line courses have nearly come to an end and what fun they have been. It is a relatively new way of 'teaching' for me, but of course I did teach on the wonderful BA Stitched Textile Course, set up by the amazing Julia Caprara which was a lot of fun. Preparing your own on-line courses however is different and is a lot of work, but I would like to THANK all the students that have come with me on this journey. I may well reintroduce the 'Tone and Line' course in July if there is sufficient interest, but would like a couple of weeks for myself now. 

Here are some of the exciting things from the Tone and Line course. 

Every warm wish and do stay safe wherever you are.

Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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