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Hello Everyone

Well I do have little snippets of news for you, but it is deciding what to start with. I have news from three tutors, I also have work to show you, completed by Moor Art students, and few other bits and bobs. But maybe I will start with the garden and the wedding, which should have happened here in May with Toby our son and his fiance Charlotte. Well the plan now is to get married in August with just the immediate family. So fingers crossed for a very happy weekend. We are certainly looking forward to the occasion. This brings me to the garden. Barney our other son, with some help from Toby, constructed a bridge over our stream, so the intended campers at the wedding could move readily from one site in the garden to the other. Well here is the bridge, which I thought you might still like to see.


You somehow expect to see a little hobbit house in the trees!! 


You have now heard from Sarah Burgess, Jean Littlejohn, Ruth Kirkby, Ruth Issett, Amanda Clayton, Dorothy Tucker and Matthew Harris.........and in the last newsletters from Jan Beaney and David Tress. How grateful I am to these tutors to give their time in this way. 

This month you will be hearing from Dru Cole who had to cancel her lino print workshop and from Alice Fox who class is now also cancelled. Sue Brown has also written and currently has a full course. 




Hi Everyone 
It's now early August and it seems ages since we were due to get together at Bobby's splendid studios at Moor Farm. I've spent a lot of the time gardening here or at my allotment, which was a fabulous place to walk to and spend time at, even though it was impossible to get compost at one point! I love being amongst the plants and always find them inspirational. 

I used one flower head in particular ( Alium garlicum or Nectaroscordum siculum) in combination with a small ceramic jug to create a small Linocut.

I also had fun with the theme of underwater, producing this Reduction Linocut of an octopus.

Also I spent time exploring natural dyeing again..always a fascination for me and I used flowers and leaves to dye these silks.

Plus I've been machine sewing..and doing a bit of free motion embroidery..great fun!

Colour is important to me whether it is in paint, ink or fabric and I enjoy experimenting to find new ways to work with it.
All the best 


I'm really looking forward to being back at Moor Hall towards the end of August (fingers crossed nothing changes again with the lockdown). (WELL SADLY IT NOW HAS.) This would have been my first workshop since everything was cancelled in late March. What a strange time it has been for us all... Once the anxiety and stress of the situation eased a little and as I watched my usually busy diary empty, we started to get into new rhythms in the household and I found a new focus on my own work. When it was clear that visiting allotments was classed as part of our permitted daily exercise I started going to mine daily, setting up a temporary studio in the shed and becoming absorbed in the different activity on the plot.

  Shed studio ~ dried dyestuffs and botanical inks

My work is very much tied up with the plot. I grow, gather and process materials from the plot that I then use in the studio to make my work.

Drawing in the shed

The good weather we had in April helped this regular pattern. I made a series of work recording the small changes on the plot - 'Postcards from Plot 105'. 

Postcards from Plot 105

These reflect the methods we will use in my Land Marks workshop in August. I processed last year's flax ready to spin. 

  Flax gathered for drying

I explored some new materials for working with, including getting to grips with bramble fibre. During this time I had a socially distanced photoshoot at the plot and my studio for Gardens Illustrated magazine and the article they wrote is in the current (July) issue, all about my work at the plot and studio. 

Gardens Illustrated magazine July 2020

It was a very wet day and they wanted it to look summery! Social media has been a useful way of connecting with people during this time. I have found the Artist Support Pledge on Instagram a good way of advertising work available to buy via my website and then buying other artists' work as a result. And so the seasons turn: I pulled up the flax this week that was sown 100 days previously on Easter weekend. This will now be dried ready for the next stage of processing.

Alice Fox

"March 2020 changed everything for everyone. Out of the blue, the Corona Virus pandemic arrived and our government asked us to stop what we were doing and Stay Home. My business activities as an artist, exhibiting work and teaching made an emergency stop. As did so many others.
At the beginning of the lock down I had a creative rush, setting up weekly creative prompts for my students. New work was made and new techniques were tried. So many people told me how lucky I was to be an artist and now have the time to explore my creativity. But a few weeks went by, there seemed no end to the rise in the death rate and the novelty of the situation began to tarnish. The creative rush began to ebb away and emotional anxiety began to creep in. 

By the middle of May I sensed that the enthusiasm of the students who had join the various support groups I had created, had waned. The comments on my Instagram page about my weekly art prompts, were grateful, but creative energy had started to leave everyone. My emotional energy was also at a low point. For some of us the creative umph had left and guilt about just reading and eating our body weight in home-made baking was beginning to feel all wrong. And yes I had cleaned behind my fridge what was left...? 

So I decided to bother a couple of fellow creatives and workshop providers, Louise Asher at Hope & Elvis, Nottingham and Liske Johnson at Littleheath Barn Studios, Bromsgrove to help me get the creativity of people we were in contact with moving again. A plan emerged, we agreed that everyone's experience in lock down would be varied, we were not all necessarily in the same boat, but we were all in the same sea. This global pandemic had affected everyone in one way or another and to different degrees. The people who come to our workshops look for inspiration through printmaking with me or textile techniques with Louise and Liske, we decided to collaborate and create a Quilt that would document individual experiences, thoughts & emotions collectively about  our time in lock down. 

The plan was to encourage those on our mailing lists to create a small collagraph printed square to be stitched into or just small stitched pieces describing their lock down experience. These small elements would then join together to create a Community Quilt. 
The three of us contacted our mailing lists and started to post the idea on our social media at the end of May. A month later I had printed over 200 collagraph plates and plates. We now have over 300 textile squares to make into a quilt. 

We intend to make the quilt open ended allowing us to add more squares as they arrive beyond the deadline. Also we want to exhibit the quilt and encourage further additions to the piece as it tours round the country, asking visitors to print/stitch a contribution.
The quilt is a metaphor for how the effects of the quarantine have isolated us, yet we have all been part of it. Making the piece open ended also illustrates that Covid 19 will continue to shape our lives.
Everyone has their isolation story and people can still become part of the bigger picture."

You can contact Sue directly to express your interest in this project.


MY BOOK ~ Stitched Textiles ~ Flowers

WELL BELIEVE IT OR NOT I have now heard that my book 'Stitched Textiles ~ Flowers' is to have a further print run of 1,000 books. This is to be a trial run using my book and two others and will be available in approximately 8 weeks time end of September, beginning of October.

Pre-orders can be booked with Sophie Harper by email

Her email is [email protected] or click HERE.


My two on-line courses have nearly come to an end and what fun they have been. It is a relatively new way of 'teaching' for me, but of course I did teach on the wonderful BA Stitched Textile Course, set up by the amazing Julia Caprara which was a lot of fun. Preparing your own on-line courses however is different and is a lot of work, but I would like to THANK all the students that have come with me on this journey. 

Here are a few of the exciting things from the Inspired by Tone and Line courses. 

As the course has progressed students have really been able to challenge themselves and connect the testing and experimenting with their own work, thoughts and ideas. I have just loved seeing these interpretations. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL


I have been delighted to have some of my art students back working in the studio at Moor Hall. We have had two very creative days doing abstract pieces and would love to show you some of the results.

I just love all of this work and am so hoping that all will be back to normal in the near future for all groups at Moor Hall.
Every warm wish and do stay safe wherever you are.

Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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