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Well we managed the two courses that I mentioned in the last newsletter, with Ruth Kirkby and Sue Brown, but sadly all other courses taught by outside tutors have been cancelled. This has just become necessary in the present climate and with both tutors and students coming from further afield we feel this is the right decision to make. It has been a sad and hard call, but the good news is, on-going classes with Ruth Issett and myself will still happen and a great programme is already taking shape for 2021.

The financial losses have been great but nothing compared to the loss of seeing all of you, both familiar and new faces and all that creativity that happens in the studio.......and of course all those fabulous tutors. I have missed you all, but we will be back ...... that I promise.

Meanwhile we need to rise to the challenges that these times bring, so just watch this space for some new initiatives.

Now before showing you images of work, how many of you have bought your copy of 'INSIGHTS' by the Textile Study Group? You do need to be quick with getting your order in, as there are only approximately 400 left in stock. 


Please get in touch with me at [email protected] if you are able to pick up a copy from my studio, or go to the Textile Study Group website to order a copy. Click HERE

While speaking of books I am really thrilled to hear that Search Press have reprinted my book and copies are now available. If you click HERE it will take you to the Search Press page for ordering the book, or if passing my studio why not pop in and buy and copy. With Christmas coming up it can make a lovely Christmas gift.

Stitched Textiles: Flowers
by Bobby Britnell

 18 April 2013
ISBN: 9781844487318
Edition: BC Paperback
Pages: 128
Size: 216 x 280 mm

RRP: UK £15.99

Publisher: Search Press

I have never read the reviews before but they are rather lovely, I must say.

Ruth spent a fun day at Moor Hall teaching students experimental approaches to water colour painting. She is a well established botanical water colour painter although on this course had students trying several different approaches to water colour, with some wonderful effects.


This was Sue's second visit to Moor Hall and this time she arrived sporting face shields for each of the students. Between us we created a very safe and creative environment for the students, where they could all enjoy the challenges Sue set them. Being highly organised enabled Sue to put the group through their paces and the results were beautiful.

If you are interested in following Sue and her current national lock down project 'Same Sea, different boat' please go to this link below. 


This term in my art classes we are exploring how some artists leave an 'empty space' in their compositions. This differs from creating the illusion of 'space' through the size of shapes, the relation of one shape to another through overlaps or the positioning of objects on the picture plane, the use of perspective, the changing of texture gradients, etc, all of which are devices in creating 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional plane. What we are exploring here is literally the idea of emptiness. 
These are some of the students very early exercises and maybe you will recognise the artists whose work we have been exploring on this course.

As I said these are tentative beginnings and I am very excited at where this work is going, so do check in with my next newsletter.


We have this delightful little chapel up the lane from where I live and although no longer used as a chapel does get used for different activities and events. Currently two artists are using the space for artwork and I visited then today to see what they were up too. Pip Woolf and Kirsty Claxton had cloth draped on the pegs and paper all over the floor. They had also set up a still-life in the pulpit. Inspirational work was happening.

As you can see I am trying to keep things happening and by being productive really helps one's well-being. So my message to you is to stay safe but also creative.
Take care now.

Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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