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courses offering unique learning opportunities for all, delivered by highly renowned 

Moor Hall Farmhouse 
Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun
Shropshire, SY7 8PH 
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Well I do so very much hope that you are coping with the daily changes to our lives. Maybe you have had your inoculation now, or perhaps a date is fixed for the near future. Hopefully we will then all be moving forward together in the right direction. At least the first signs of Spring are with us. 

The need for the creative arts has never been more important and maybe your inbox is as cluttered as mine, with masses of learning and leisure opportunities and  experiences in which we can be taking part: concerts, plays, musical events, lectures, art activities, on-line courses and so much more.

I have had to plan ahead and make decisions on what I can safely offer at Moor Hall and sadly I am having to make changes. Several of the courses on offer will now be going on line. This I know will disappoint some of you but will offer an alternative way of learning for others who currently are unable to get to my studio. Something that I can promise you, is that the courses on-line will be effective, challenging, inspirational and fun, as all will be delivered by highly experienced tutors. More news further down.

My two on-line art courses have now started and both groups are doing so well already and I am looking forward to future sessions with them. It is too late to join in with these courses now but look out for new future dates. Some of the work features lower down in this newsletter.

What you can however book on, are one or more of my three 'Inspired Study Courses, which have been going really well. I shall show some of the work from 'Inspired by Grids' later in this newsletter. These are untutored courses which students can work on, at there own pace. This is what a student recently had to say:

"This course is amazing! No wonder it took you ages to get it all together. It is so exciting to see the developments.  Thank you for creating this course. It is thankfully going to keep me going for months!!!! "


These four courses will now all be running as on-line courses. The term 'on-line course' can be confusing and can mean different things. What these tutors will be delivering is as near an experience as is possible, to face to face teaching in the studio. It will not be just a handout, but the tutor will be with you through the full duration of the course. Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 12 students on each of these courses.

Bobby Britnell
Watch this Space
22/23 May 2021
Introductory presentation on 21st May

Mary Sleigh
Mind the Gap
24/25 May 2021
Introductory presentation on 
23rd May

Ruth Issett
Exploring Colour with  Paper, Fabric and Stitch
10/11 June 2021
Introductory presentation on 
9th June

Sarah Burgess
Chasing Shadows
24/25 June 2021
Introductory presentation on 
23rd June

I shall be assessing further courses as we move on through the year, but will give you ample warning if further changes need to be made. All future tutors are currently hoping to run their courses face to face. Thank you for your continued support and patience with this.

Click HERE to book on any of these courses.

My on-line 'INSPIRED STUDY COURSES' are now available for all students. Hopefully I will be adding to these later in the year. Although untutored, I will always respond to questions and queries via email, and I would love to see images of what you are doing. On payment of the fee you will receive the full package. Please read full description on my website and email me for details and suitability of the courses.  

Currently available:

Inspired by Ben Nicholson

Click HERE to book
Inspired by Tone and Line

Click HERE to book
Inspired by Grids

Click HERE to book

What students have said:

Thank you so much for the three wonderful on line courses you have run this year. I have enjoyed them so much and have learnt a great deal.

You have also opened my eyes to some wonderful artists, thank you.

Just a brief note to say thank you for this course. I am only part way through the first lessons but there is so much potential and the work posted on Facebook by the other students has been amazing.

Please make sure I am on the mailing list for any future online courses you do.

MOOR ART ~ On-line

This course has now started for both Moor Art 1 and Moor Art 2. I was shattered after both of these sessions but felt very happy at all the wonderful work I was seeing the students present. During the course of a day we may have 3 or 4 power-points, showing students work, classwork, samples and artists research. Students have the opportunity to progress their work while we are all still on-line, making it more like being in the studio.

This course is closed now for new students, but do keep you eyes and ears open for future similar art experiences.

Here are some initial studies from the students who are using Black Mountain Chapel as the inspiration. Of course visiting the site has not been possible for most of the students so we have been working from photographs.
In the Summer we plan to have an exhibition of all the wonderful work produced.

This is just a 'tiny' bit of the work so far covered and I will feature their progress in future newsletters. Well done to you all. 
Inspired by Grids

Images are still coming in and here are some from the 'Inspired by Grids' self study course.

FINALLY it just remains for me to wish you a creative month and stay well and safe wherever you are.

Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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