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Moor Hall Farmhouse 
Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun
Shropshire, SY7 8PH 
01547 510664


Dear readers

I just want to let you know that I may go quiet for a little while as I have several hospital trips planned for June and July and I may be out of action for a while. My hip pains actually turned out to be a couple of spinal tumours, but all is in hand now to have these removed. We are sent these little challenges from time to time aren't we, and I have every intention of being back on my feet before too long as there is so much to do and look forward to!

PLEASE BE AWARE: I may not be able to respond to emails until the end of July, so if you wish to make any bookings please do so immediately you receive this newsletter and over the next week or otherwise wait until you hear that I am back in circulation. For some reason my laptop does not allow me to set up'  Out of Office Reply' so I am unable to alert people that I may be absent for a while through that means.

What does cheer me up no end however is my garden which always looks its best in June and here is a new poem to accompany these images of Moor Hall.

 'A Summer Poem' from my dear friend Ken

Summer is a gypsy
Full bosomed
Full of colour
Skirts swirling
Eyes sparkling
Limbs tanned
By the warmth of the sun

And she can flirt
My goodness, can she.
Warm, enticing smiles
Breaking into laughter
Lifting her skirts
Just above the knees
Wonderfully intoxicating.

Heady perfumes
Teasing but always
So cleverly, innocent.
Of course, we're in love
How could we not be?
She is so beautiful
She makes us feel young

She raises our spirits.
We cannot help but want
To share in her passion
Dance to the rhythms
Of her seductive melodies
Hold her close, feel the love.
Breath sweet joys of summer.

Moor Hall Studio 2021

Sadly I had to reschedule my on-line course until the Autumn but those courses that have happened have been very successful, judging by the comments from students.
What is happening is that students that are unable to travel or come from overseas are now able to access quality courses which demonstrates the need for on-line teaching.
I have no intention of stopping face to face courses, but by getting a balance we should be able to satisfy many more enthusiastic students. I shall continue to explore tutors willing to work in this way but meanwhile let us look at the work that Mary Sleigh's group got up to.

Following on from Mary we had Ruth Issett's wonderful colourful workshop which I understand really kept the students on their toes!!!

Sarah Burgess is up next but I may wait a while before sending the results of what I know will be another wonderful course.


There are a few more online courses this Autumn. Both Mary and Sarah will be repeating the 2 day on-line courses that they have recently done and Dorothy will be offering a new one over 4 weeks and mine will now be happening over 4 weeks as well. I don't normally do feedback forms but as this was new to us all, I felt it could be useful, so please note what students have had to say about these courses so far:

"I can't think of anything that you could improve".

"Great being able to attend online from my own home so all my stuff was to hand - no stressing over what to bring! Also good value for money."

"Mary was generous in sharing her knowledge and experience, a very patient and considerate tutor always giving positive feedback. I would enjoy working with her again".

"Ruth was well prepared with current work and past examples that she could discuss with us - she gave permission for us to screen shot - I have printed examples off for my sketch book to act as a reminder of her techniques and advice- but this was generous of her"

Do check out my WEBSITE for further details.

MARY SLEIGH               'Mind That Gap'          16/17 October
£140 for 2 days

SARAH BURGESS        'Chasing Shadows'     11/12 November
£140 or 2 days

DOROTHY TUCKER     'Shapes and Spaces'   8/15/22/29 November
£140 for 4 half days

Here is a direct LINK to these on-line courses
Moor Hall Studio 2021

31 August 1/2 September

Piecing, Patching and Pockets
£210 for 3 days

Course is currently FULL.
EMAIL ME to go on the waiting list as spaces may become available.

6/7 September 2021

'Going Round in Circles'
£140 for two days

I have ONE space on this course. Book HERE

15 September 2021

'Flowers made Easy'
£70 for the day

Here is a LINK to her website where you can research her work further.

Click HERE to book on her course

27/28/29 September 2021

'Personal Development'
£210 for three days

Here is a LINK to see course details. 

If interested in this course please EMAIL ME to discuss.

1/2/3 October 2021

'A Group of Similar Things'
£220 for 3 days (includes materials)

I am thrilled that Polly has agreed to come to Moor Hall. This will be a slightly different approach to the normal run of courses but one with strong links to the world of textiles. Polly is a recently new member to the Textile Study Group and further evidence of her background and work can be found on her WEBSITE

Click  HERE  to book a place.

30/31 October 2021

Collagraphs on Botanical 
£140 for two days

Course is currently FULL but do EMAIL ME to go on the waiting list as spaces may become available.

FINALLY enjoy the summer and stay fit and well.

Bobby Britnell, Moor Hall Farmhouse, Bettws-y-crwyn, Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8PH United Kingdom
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