Chasing Shadows and Reflections

Chasing Shadows and Reflections

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Sarah has very kindly adapted this course to an on-line course, so you now will be able to work within the comfort of your own working space from wherever you are in the world. The content of this course will be basically the same as if you were working with Sarah within the studio space at Moor Hall, but at a reduced cost.

Times for the course

Each of the 5 days will run from 4.00 to approximately 6.00 and will comprise of powerpoints, sharing of work, instruction and critique. You will be sent the requirements for the course and the Zoom link nearer to the course.

Check the dates as they are staggered. 8/15/22 September, 13/27  October. 

Course Desription

Constantly shifting shadows, fleeting images and reflections are our starting points. We will work with personal imagery; such as plant and tree forms, reflections, shadows and light on water or man-made structures as our design starting points. Our teaching sessions together will be spread out over a number of weeks to allow ideas to progress and work to develop in the student’s own time.

Following an introductory session of sharing images and discussion, participants will begin to create and record their own disrupted surfaces and experimental shadows following a series of structured exercises.

Working with a range of opaque and semi-transparent papers and fabrics we will use mono-type printing to explore positive and negative prints, after- images and layering. We will investigate stitch both as a printing surface and in experimental shadow work using hand or machine stitch.

Participants will have the opportunity to produce a range of highly individual and atmospheric pieces culminating in more resolved personal work supported by discussion and tutorials.

Sarah Burgess

My training in embroidery gave me making skills, a meticulous approach to working with materials as well as an eye for the experimental possibilities of a wide range of media and methods. Having worked for many years with a broad range of students across further and higher education, I prefer not to categorise what I do now. Stitch, print or installation - it’s just my work.

Course length:5 sessions
1:Thu8 Sep 2022
2:Thu15 Sep 2022
3:Thu22 Sep 2022
4:Thu13 Oct 2022
5:Thu27 Oct 2022
Cost: £150

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