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Watch this Space

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As an on-going consideration to the current situation with the Covid virus, this course will now be offered on-line over two full days and will commence on the Thursday evening with a powerpoint presentation.  

Full instructions for how this will work with all the necessary links will be send to you in advance of the course beginning and with the full requirement list.


Space is one of the key elements in art and design, whether you are creating a drawing, painting or involved with any visual art form. It provides the viewer with the tools needed for making sense of finished works. Positive and negative space, perspective, the size and position of one thing in relation to another are all clues in creating space in work. In this short course however we will be focussing, primarily on the 'empty space' that some artists leave in their compositions and investigate this idea through a number of creative exercises onto paper and give consideration to working with colour onto cloth. Relating these ideas to specific artists, will help to cement personal approaches.

Course length:3 sessions
1:Thu20 May 2021
2:Fri21 May 2021
3:Sat22 May 2021
Cost: £140

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