MOOR ART 1 ~ Drawing and Painting

MOOR ART 1 ~ Drawing and Painting

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These full day courses (10.00 - 4.00) have students looking at a number of different approaches to drawing and painting using a wide variety of media and working styles. We examine the work of master artists and learn from their working methods. Critique is an important part  and students are encouraged to analyse one anothers work in a non-threatening environment.

In the New Year we will be going back to the basics of drawing. We will work from the numerous artefacts in the studio in developing these drawing skills and take drawings through to abstraction. All along the way we will consider how these drawings can have colour applied with either dry or wet colouring media. Please contact me if you feel either Moor Art 1 or Moor Art 2 is a suitable course for you but wish to know more. 

Course length:6 sessions
1:Wed19 Jan 2022
2:Wed2 Feb 2022
3:Wed16 Feb 2022
4:Wed2 Mar 2022
5:Wed16 Mar 2022
6:Wed30 Mar 2022
Cost: £210 for 6 sessions

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