MOOR ART 1 ~ Drawing and Painting

MOOR ART 1 ~ Drawing and Painting

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Course description

These on-going drawing and painting sessions, embrace a wide variety of techniques and processes all drawing from my own extensive experience in art and design. Drawing from still-life, working in abstraction, collaborative projects, collage, using oils, acrylics, and dry colouring media are all considered through the projects that I set. Some projects are quick and may be for one session only while other projects may last the full 6 sessions. We will often reference artists and it is in the understanding of artwork that we can learn about art. Although homework is encouraged it is not expected. It is more about learning and having fun.

We will begin the new term in September 2024 by going back to the basics of drawing and from the studies undertaken develop ideas further into larger scale drawings, colour studies, and then abstractions. We will be focussing on the artist Michael Craig-Martin


Bobby Britnell

My roots lie in theatre costumes and tailoring and later as a secondary school teacher. Since 1984, I have worked as a free-lance artist teaching textiles and art, to all ages and levels up to BA degree students. My own work as a teacher holds as much relevance as my work as an artist, both go hand in hand. This website shows a glimpse of some of my work.

Course length:6 sessions
1:Wed11 Sep 2024
2:Wed25 Sep 2024
3:Wed9 Oct 2024
4:Wed23 Oct 2024
5:Wed6 Nov 2024
6:Wed20 Nov 2024
Cost: £210

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