Moor Art 2

Moor Art 2

Collage by Cheryl Holmes Collage by Cheryl Holmes
Paper Collage by Cheryl Holmes Paper Collage by Cheryl Holmes
Drawing by Carol Beaumond (A1) Drawing by Carol Beaumond (A1)
Drawing by Millie Thomas (A1) Drawing by Millie Thomas (A1)

Art courses offering insight into innovative art projects, exploring many ways of using techniques/media, through drawing and painting.

This term we will be examining the idea of the 'grid' not only in relation to the structured approach that the grid offers but also to abstract and experimental alternatives as can be seen in the works of a number of artists, such as Paul Klee, Sean Scully, Bridget Riley, Hans Schimansky to name but a few.

Critique of work, artist research, lively discussion are essential parts of each session.  Course is suitable for all levels of ability and for those working in different art disciplines.

If you feel concerned about committing to the full course try and get along to the first session to see if you like us and what we are doing. Individual session costs £50, but will be adjusted if you wish to stay for the full course.


Tutor: Bobby Britnell
Course length:6 sessions
1:Sat1 Feb 2020
2:Sun2 Feb 2020
3:Sat29 Feb 2020
4:Sun1 Mar 2020
5:Sat28 Mar 2020
6:Sun29 Mar 2020
Cost: £210

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