Chasing More Shadows

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Fleeting images, reflections and constantly shifting shadows are our starting points.

We will work with the student’s own imagery; such as plant and tree forms, reflections and shadows on water or man-made structures, as our design starting points. Participants will create and record their own disrupted surfaces and experimental shadows following a series of structured exercises. Working with a range of opaque and semi-transparent papers and materials we will use mono-type printing to explore positive and negative prints, after- images and layering. We will investigate stitch both as a printing surface and in experimental shadow work using hand or machine stitch as preferred.

Participants will have the opportunity to produce a range of highly individual and atmospheric pieces culminating in more resolved personal work supported by discussion and individual tutorials. 

Sarah Burgess

My training in embroidery gave me making skills, a meticulous approach to working with materials as well as an eye for the experimental possibilities of a wide range of media and methods. Having worked for many years with a broad range of students across further and higher education, I prefer not to categorise what I do now. Stitch, print or installation - it’s just my work.

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