Inspirational Drawing

Inspirational Drawing

by Bobby Britnell by Bobby Britnell
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This course is one of my favourites, because it guarantees exciting results from everyone every time. It also makes people who say they cannot draw soon realise that they can. Exercises will be varied so hopefully they will be something for everyone. We will be working mainly with dry media, but also with some wet media. There will be plenty of discussion as to how images produced can be developed and used as designs for translation into fabric and stitch in your own time. You will be working 'expressively' with charcoal to create a landscape or a piece of work from your imagination:  working 'collaboratively' with pastels but with a personal twist: considering the use of wax crayons with inks to build up a still-life drawing: portrait drawing with a difference: and even more!!!! All of the projects tackled will be clearly explained during the course making it accessible for all. So please join me to extend your drawing skills, learn new ones and have lots of fun.

Bobby Britnell

My roots lie in theatre costumes and tailoring and later as a secondary school teacher. Since 1984, I have worked as a free-lance artist teaching textiles and art, to all ages and levels up to BA degree students. My own work as a teacher holds as much relevance as my work as an artist, both go hand in hand. This website shows a glimpse of some of my work.

Course length:2 sessions
1:Sat23 Mar 2024
2:Sun24 Mar 2024
Cost: £150

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