'Quietly Composed 11'

'Quietly Composed 11'

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Description for Course

This is a course that will involve creative strategies and processes for recording information using ‘drawing’ both in and out of your sketchbook.

We will make regular references to stitch and cloth interpretation and use techniques that can inspire a connection and resonance with textile development. This is for those students who require a greater vocabulary with their drawing,that can have a direct association with the development of their own visual language and their stitch/cloth ideas.  You will go away with greater confidence to look and challenge the world around you as you search and develop starting points for your individual textile practice.

Amanda Clayton

Amanda is now working freelance after thirty years of teaching on an Art & Design Foundation course. Running parallel with teaching Amanda has her own creative practice having been both a member of ‘The 62 Group’  and the ‘TSG’. She has also exhibited nationally and internationally and is best known for her contemporary white work using transparency and translucency.

Course length:3 sessions
1:Fri2 Sep 2022
2:Sat3 Sep 2022
3:Sun4 Sep 2022
Cost: £225

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