Upside Down and Back to Front

Upside Down and Back to Front

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Course Description

“Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only make.” John Cage

The aim of this workshop is to explore playful ways in which images and visual information can be generated and developed through drawing. By working with individual imagery gathered in sketch books, photographs etc, we will be trying to exploit the potential of sometimes the most simple and mundane scraps of image, mark and shape.

Working from a series of sketchbook images, drawings, photographs etc we will explore a number of exercises and processes that will allow you to generate and develop visual information from an apparently simple starting point. By the end of the day you should have a series of images that will form the starting point for the work on day 2, which will be about development and interpretation.

The interpretation of these images into textile materials is the final stage of the project, though you may decide to stay with paper.

A course to keep you thinking and making.

Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris is a graduate of the textile course at Goldsmiths College and has been working with textiles since 2000, having for the previous ten years made and exhibited drawings and works on paper. He has shown in a number of group and solo exhibitions throughout the U.K, Ireland and Japan.

Matthew Harris makes work that employs dying, cutting and hand stitching. It is concerned primarily with abstract imagery and the translation of drawn marks into cloth. By making work that is pieced, patched and assembled, he aims to create pieces that explore repetition, pattern and the disrupted or dissonant journey of line and image across and through the surface of cloth.

Tutor: Matthew Harris
Course length:3 sessions
1:Fri30 Sep 2022
2:Sat1 Oct 2022
3:Sun2 Oct 2022
Cost: £350

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